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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stamping Potatoes!

I've got some extra potatoes that have gotten less fresh, suddenly got the idea to let the babes play with good ol potato stamps!!! (Just like old times...MY old times that is! hehe). Was thinking what to carve for them......finally decided on something super easy but meaningful, their INITIALS!
If you're thinking "Damn! She's nuts to carve out a heart that's so symmetrical!", stop right there!!! Trick is, the heart is easier than my freehand letters K & M actually coz I merely used my COOKIE CUTTER! HAHA! Good trick, and the end result is good and precise! :D
Both Kyra and Maia just love any chance they get to play with their paint brushes and watercolours, and of course it gets messy and dirty every time they are at it, so that's why I never let them do their 'paint job' in the house.....they will paint their masterpieces on the deck, easier for the mummymaid later! hmmmph!!!

Honestly? Maia can stamp neater than Kyra. But Kyra can use the brush better. But as of now, Kyra's drawings seem to have slight least now her drawings of MUMMY, herself and Maia have dresses on and a handbag in my hand! Hehe!!! Her drawing of DADDY remains consistent still....5 strands of hair. Period. And according to her, DADDY (the drawing) sometimes has a frown on his face too! (While the 3 of us ladies in the house are always smiling) :D

Kyra *HEARTS* Maia, vice-versa so it shall be!