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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family DIY weekend

We started this 'project' is now almost 8pm on a Sunday evening, and no, it's not finished yet.....probably somewhere around 70% done? But boy........I am super excited just doing it and anticipating the final outcome!

Everybody got involved, Z is responsible in cutting the plywood, Maia is responsible in messing things up and dropping and losing the screws :(, Kyra's helping with sweeping and lending a helping hand when I call for her.....and of course, yours truly is responsible in the design, measurements, assembly, filing (not paper filing mind you, filing wood with metal file, NOT FUN I tell you!), sanding and painting!

Just so happy 4 of us have our weekend well spent!!! Instead of the usual trip to the mall......

Stay tuned to see what "IT" is!!!