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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Organization tips!

What are you working on right now? Well, I am reorganizing my super messy and unorganized 'studio', trying to make it look as close to acceptably cute as possible, but then.....the downside is, I still can't get rid of the Lorenzo king sized bed that F.I.L gave us for our wedding (which is now a guest bed that's hardly used btw).......and this bed alone has taken up 30% of the entire room....sigh! :(

Days ago, I came across some cool and frugal tips on art supplies organization HERE!.....

Now...while I do not have that cute scary looking owl on top of my newly installed IKEA shelves, nor do I have that vintage chest of drawers.....I do have the clip-hanger like the one seen here....I also do have plenty of plastic storage boxes...and the BEST tip in this 'picture' would be the overhung glass jars!!! I think this is a brilliant and smart idea...especially if you have buttons and small stuffs to store and always can't seem to find them fast! Now I have asked my mum to help me collect small jars alright... :D

I do silently hope 'studio' will turn out NOT BAD!.... :P
Stay tuned! I am very excited to find out myself!