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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rest In Peace Smart Ass!

Mao Mao (aka Maomaobear @home)
June 2001 - 10th March 2010

This is coming from nowhere.....I'm crying now just browsing her photos in my sis' FB. Our family dog that had been with us for the past memorable 8.5years passed away at 1am today 10th March 2010.

This puff ball that I bought for just RM200 and named 'MAO MAO' (mao actually means CAT in Mandarin) because I thought she looked like those Persian cats when I first got her.....(the fur I mean, while the face resembled a cute lil teddy bear back then)...and now you're probably thinking how did THE family dog turned out looking like one? :) Not long after that, I moved to KL, and automatically she became my sisters' pet that they came to love to bitttsssss!

I remember I went with mum to pick one out of 4 pups, somehow she chose me, instead of the other way round. And after we brought her home, Sis#2 even scorned and said: "BUY BUY BUY, BUY FOR WAD I ALSO DONT KNOW!" and this a.m, she was the one to accompany her when Mao Mao breathed the last of her life......

I can't even describe how smart this dog is......I know for sure, she's the smartest dog we ever had this far...and we had many many dogs in the past.....She's so imperfect, and that's what made her sooooo much like us, humans.

Once we brought her to a pet store for a stroll, the lady at the store asked me: " did u choose this dog?"
ME: herh? I dont know...she just appealed to me....compared to the others.....why?
LADY: She's not purebreed, and she's got crooked teeth! *She went and opened Mao Mao's jaw for us to see the crooked-ness....and we all chuckled.....I felt slightly embarrassed inside coz at first, I thought she asked me the question because Mao Mao is special in a positive way...LOL!

Alright, so we have a dog with crooked teeth.....for a good reason (we later found out), she bites!!! People whom she does not 'agree' with...she bites! So, somehow the crooked teeth made it impossible for a REAL bite.....hehe!

Yeah, as mentioned by my sis#3 (who loves Mao Mao very super duper much I tell u, and vice versa), she loved car rides. Once she followed my family on a super long 6 hour ride to, that's not something any dog could do, and do well. She would bark at Mum when Mum tried to wake little sis up in the morning.....that's how protective she is over my sis.

She's very fussy with food too, and threw tantrum if you hurt her feelings. She complained if she felt like it. I remember how she 'grumbled' non stop when Maia first moved to my parents' home to stay temporarily....she just didn't like knowing her 'spotlight' is at stake...LOL! So human, rite? (And by saying 'grumble', I really mean GRUMBLE.....the way a human would...the sound)
She also loved air conditioned rooms.... :)

Oh, she had a favourite toy too....this IKEA Blund bear, she would fetch it for us to throw. She 'carried' it wherever she went back then. I remember Sis#3 even had to buy a couple of Blunds as STOCK!!! And Blundy bear would get sooooo dirty and smelly I tell you.....

Just got this SMS from Z....
"I believe she could sense they are going out for a few days and she can't wait that long. She's a good dog though" (My parents and sis will be flying to KL this afternoon to attend little sis' convocation this coming weekend).

I am gonna have to stop writing about her....else I would have super puffy eyes when I fetch the two babes from school later.....

Mao Mao, if you were a human, you'd make a good sister. Now, Mum would have to get used to not having 'someone' to scold at home....Ling will have to get used to not having you as roomie......and many many people will have to get used to not having you dash out the door barking your lungs out at them (or biting...).......

You've made a permanent mark in all our hearts, trust me. Rest in peace, Smart Ass!