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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bday Cuppies For Her Mates :)

Kyra's birthday fell on Tuesday 23rd March, a school day. Thus, I made birthday cupcakes for her to celebrate it with her classmates during their break time. Here's TWENTY THREE rich chocolate and carrot cinnamon (NUT free coz it's better to play safe, plus, my own kid is allergic to nuts!), with baby pink frosting and simple black fondant alphabets with inverted dots!

These somewhat looked like one of the felt cupcakes I made her the other day,
the one with pink ribbon 'swirls' on top! Coincidence really!
To be honest, this is my CURRENT favourite cupcake combination. It may be simpler than those fancy fondant covered ones but taste wise, it's awesome!!! It's non-dairy fresh cream frosting in PINK, on top of the soft yummy cupcakes! Not too sweet like buttercream, yet light enough to complement the cake well! I know this coz i had to TASTE one.....this a.m i 'stole' one as breakfast already :D

"K" is for KYRA!

The homemade goodie paperbags,
containing 2 cupcakes + 1 fruit pudding + 1 cracker for each of her friends at school!
This round, she wanted it to be POCOYO instead of HELLO KITTY!
So I did it in 5 colours of the POCOYO & FRIENDS' characters......

It amused me to see how the kids enjoyed their cupcakes! And just look at the mess they made, and happily too!

After my birthday babe handed out all her goodie bags,
she whispered to me
"Mummy I love you!"
and hugged me in her class :)


Kuky said...

Very cute! I'm going to have to try the Prudent Baby one. I like how there's curves for the arms.