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Monday, February 22, 2010

Tiger ROARing New Year @ the LEONGs

How to sum up this Chinese New Year celebration? Hmmm.......okay, for one, I wasn't feeling the bestest throughout the entire new year week! Yeap, that sucked big time....No, I wasn't sick or anything, but somehow was sooooooooo lethargic, exhausted, and sleepy....yesh, weird huh? For someone like me to be SLEEPY at all during the daytime...LOL! (FYI, I don't have the napping habit). I'd like to blame it on the super rainy weather, or as my O&G Dr said: "Sugar overload!" It brings you high up, then straight and flat down....your energy level that is! I think he could be right......

Okay, as usual, we would have family photo taken together on the 1st day before visiting other relatives' houses. On the 2nd day, it's the usual OPEN HOUSE @ Parents-In-Law's house with lion dance performance (yeap, it's the same every year since I don't know when)......

So, I shall let the photo collages below tell the story.....who doesn't like photos compared to paragraphs of words, right? :D *Click to enlarge photos*