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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WHAT's FOR LUNCH: Homemade Beef Patty Burger

This is what we had for lunch beef patty burger! FYI, I make my own beef patties/meatballs because it's nicer :D and I know what went into the mix... :O PLUS, Kyra and Maia both love it when I whip up the beef meatball bolognaise, or, using the same 'patty mix', bake beef pizza for them....and this, "DA BURGER" would be my FIRST, and definitely won't be the last, as both of them just swallowed ONE each! :P

This is what I used/did:
*Sesame coated hi protein buns
*Fresh tomatoes, sauteed in olive oil
*Cheese slices (Cheddar)
*Beef patties
*A swirl of mayonnaise
*A dash of black pepper
*A sprinkle of basil (optional of course, I just love using Basil in my cooking, that's all)
*TABASCO sauce (for me, ie!)

JOEY's Beef Patty Recipe:
*Beef knuckles, ground/minced (I used food processor, very speedy!)
*Black sesame oil/ Olive oil
*Spring onions, chopped finely
*Salt to taste
*A lil ketchup
*A lil bit of 5-spice-powder (better known as "NGO HIANG HUN" in Hokkien, or "WU XIANG FENN" in Mandarin)
*A lil bit of thick soy sauce
*Ground black pepper
*Large yellow onions, finely chopped!

NOTE: I apologize coz I never measure the ingredients I use to make this patty....I usually just "FEEL" it.... :P

I usually make pretty big batch of this, then divide into portions, have each wrapped and sealed in aluminum foil, then keep them in freezer. This way, I do not have to waste time making it each time I need some!

HAPPY TRYING!!! And do let me know if you've tried it! :D