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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Of Red Lipstick And Heels...on A Kid That is!

On the 2nd day of Chinese New Year celebration, I got a wee bit disturbed seeing a 5 year old wear bright pink eye shadows on her eyes, badly UN-blended on top of that :P. But today, I read that Suri Cruise has started wearing make up (not just high heels anymore), not just any pink girly lip balm, mind you! It's SHOCKING red lipsticks + high heels on a 3 year old , otherwise a very sweet and pretty lil thing....

This photo made me wonder, if Kyra or Maia asks to use make up, would I let them? Well, the answer is NO, unless well, they are in school dance or play that is :D. I mean, they do not need enhancements of any sorts at their age IMHO. Little girls are cutest and prettiest at their most natural, and I believe it is us adults who wished we could look as good au naturel without a stroke of make up on! I know I do!

From what I have seen, lil Suri is not just playing dress up on any ONE day.....there are many shots of her wearing her (favourite, probably) silver heels in rain, wind or shine. I do honestly envy her wardrobe....coz just take a look at this green handbag (below)....isn't that soooo cute!? And I bet it costed a bomb too! The red jacket, is stylish, but I think is better suited to an older kid/teenager really......again, IMHO :P

This gold ballroom dancing heels (above) are not so bad compared to the silver unstrapped heels she wore in the other photos HONESTLY.....those who've had experience wearing heels would know.

Would I let Kyra or Maia wear heels? YES. When they play dress up in their play room. Period. FYI, I never bought a single pair of heels for them as of now.....they have 3 pairs of heeled sandals, all bought by my in laws. But luckily, they never seem to harbour any strong interest in the heels...PHEW! My own personal MAIN reason is simply, I do not want them to fall flat on their face and break their beautiful teeth!

If you look at the photo above (Suri in pink dress), you see a very pretty and sweet 3 year old, but as you scrolled down, I am sure you noticed the silver has no straps whatsoever...from experience, I think it's not easy for her to carry it off......poor girl!