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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This is a backdated post btw. We finished this project over 2 weekends, by the 2 of us, incurred a pretty minimal RM550 total bill (very 'mini' compared to the amount we'd be paying if we used professional service to do it!). For the introduction & details about it, please go HERE!

So here it is.....

I had to tack thousands of times till my palm were practically swollen! LOL! But the sense of satisfaction and achievement seeing the 4 boards all wrapped up beautifully is indescribable!

Finally, I have a hidden storage to stow away all the things that we cannot throw/donate away but have nowhere to store them in the 1st place! YAY! My wedding gown, Kyra and Maia's baby clothings, toys, stamp albums, etcetera......

I consider ourselves pretty accurate and slightly lucky coz once all 4 boards were installed, everything seems straight and good! :D You'd understand if you get hold of the boards......they are extremely heavy, and to make matters worse, the concrete wall and sides wasn't exactly level!

The finished project :D To me personally, not only this project brought together a 'collaboration' between Z and I, it's just priceless to see the older little girl at home BRAG "Daddy made this! Daddy made this!" endlessly to everyone who came to our home that week! LOL!

Now that is PRICELESS alright!

NOTE: Pardon the 2 side windows! The previous curtains are now too wide, I gotta alter em 1st...but don't have time to do that yet.....will update with new photo once that's done!

Z: How come she didn't say "mummy and daddy made this?"
Me: Well, simply and possibly coz she got too used to seeing her mummy DIY most things at home already lerrrrr..... *Chuckling away*

And to my dear hubby, I really appreciate your efforts for helping me with this DIY, (you could have said NO), especially knowing that you are sooooo not a DIY person to begin with....I won't brag about you doing it the way your doter did lah...but I am just as proud! :)


Anonymous said...

For last paragraph...So Sweet!! i bet Z is prepare for 2nd project liao...akaka..anyway, good job J & Z! ~~caren

Annie said...

Great job!!

I have a similar hole behind my bed, and I think this would be a perfect way to cover it up! How did you attach the boards to the wall?

Sue said...

I absolutely love your blog and I really loved your beautiful DIY headboard storage and submitted it to Design*Sponge and they featured it on their website!

Pearpear said...

Thanks Caren dear :D

i have more photos to 'tell' u how we attached the boards up, and let em stay UP! :D Can I email em to you instead?

thanks for visiting my blog, glad u like it :D, and also....tqvm for submitting this post to design sponge too :D got me by surprise...a good one.

Annie said...

Yes, you can definitely email me more pictures! Thank you so much for offering!! My email is

Thanks! Annie:-)

steve said...

hey can i get those pictures too? love the headboard! picsinwords at

Pearpear said...

Tq Steve,
mailed to u! :)