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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Till Our Toes, Shoulders and Pocket KOYAK!

Whooooshhhh!!! After a poket-koyak (metaphorically speaking lah) shopping spree in KL with mum, 2 sistas and 1 brader, I am back!!!!! Got home around 10pm, and early next morning, Z and I continued our big DIY project and thankfully we managed to finish it by 2am the next day :O

To sum up our shopping trip?

*Day 1: Mid Valley
*Day 2: Sg Wang
*Day 3: 1 Utama
*Day 4: Ikea, Ikano & The Curve
*Day 5: Mid Valley, again!
***On top of all that, we even managed to squeeze time to shop for house items for lil brader who just moved in their new rented apartment, not to mention squeezing 2 single mattresses in the Crv with him seated on top the mattress in the boot! :O (While us 4 ladies sat in front) hehe...

Number 1!
For next year's trip, I have decided that we should all keep RM50 from each and everyone on the 1st day we arrive, before we start shopping.... :D (reasons? hehe....I guess you'd be able to make a few wild guesses already lah....LOL!)

Number 2!
We shall wear nothing else on our feet but featherweight but stylish enough sportie shuzziess!!!
(REASON? I had to buy a pair of shoes at the end of 1st day, then another different type on the 3rd day. The old one made my toes wanna break!!! The former of the new, gave me blisters after 1 whole day, while the latter of the new, saved me from being cacat-ed!)

Number 3!
We shall all bring and carry only large handbags that would be able to store many many things, no clumsy, tiny weenie handbags please! It's darn complicated on the flight home! :P

Number 4!
It's "No-plastic-bag-day" on Saturdays in the state of Selangor, REMEMBER to bring our own foldable grocery/shopping bags! If you forget, you'd have to buy a RM2 non-woven yellow bag from Parkson like me! hmmmm........OR, carry all your purchases with your hands, even if you buy over hundreds, no kidding!

Number 5!
DO NOT BE LAZY to drop off your heavy shopping bags in the car, especially if the car is just 2 escalators down!!! Else, you'd end up carrying those bags the entire day for over 10 hours like me! And do not bring 2 bottles of H2O in your handbag, coz you simply will regret it, and also, end up like those coolies carrying bags of rice at the loading dock! :P

Number 6!
It's actually very funny and fun to go on a shopping spree with your family members, as long as they are over 18 and can take care of themselves, thus you won't have to worry about having your name called by the attendant at the INFORMATION COUNTER!!! It's even better if they are over 22, and have started earning a living, thus, can chip in on food & travel expenses! :D

Can't wait to plan for the next pre-CNY shopping trip! hahahaha.....