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Monday, May 24, 2010

55th Birthday for the babes' Granpa!

My dad, aka the babes' granpa turned 55 last saturday. We threw him a surprise family dinner party, and he totally had no idea.....that's why he was so gloomy the entire afternoon, LOL! Well, who could blame him for thinking that his children would definitely remember his birthday after all that he did for them....hehe.....

So, imagine how 'delighted' (that's an understatement) he was when he finally saw the birthday cake and all of us at our home that evening.....hehehehe....... and as usual, mum would 'cater' for most of the food and I catered for the cake and/or dessert.

My dad was born in the year of the Goat (or sheep?!), but because a herd of sheep is way nicer, better and cuter than goats, I made him these......... (the Chinese words read HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and we had to google it for me to refer coz I don't read nor write Chinese. It's my 1st set of cupcakes with Chinese words btw...a lot of fun!)
Take a closer look.....the one inside the fences is GRANPA SHEEP of course..the birthday man! The 2nd largest sheep is GRANDMA SHEEP... :D, and the two lil sheep is Kyra and Maia each! There were even two sherperd dogs, the brown one is a mongrel (LOL!) while the other one in jet black fur is a Labrador Retriever! Fences made of biscuits, salty yummy biscuits, while the paving stones are actually Cadbury's. Grass is buttercream, the 'land' itself is chocolate ganache. The sheep's wool is buttercream as well, while the head and legs are fondant. To be honest, I had a lot of fun creating this birthday much so I can't wait for another occasion to bake one with deco!
Here's the two babes wishing their Granpa a happy birthday with their wet kisses...LOL!

This is us, from LEFT TO RIGHT:
Zac, Me, Kyra, Mum, Granpa, Maia, Sis#2 aka NingNing and lil bro Leonard. The only person not in this photo would be Sis#3 who's far enough, in KL...too bad. But well, she's coming back next week.....goodie!!!!


iris said...

oh...i love your cake :P you such talented in doing it :):)

Pearpear said...

Thanks Iris.
had a lot of fun 'building' the farm! hehe...