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Monday, May 3, 2010

GREEN Tableware For Kids & My Fave GREEN Bag!!!

Yesterday @ The Springs, was just accompanying the babes at the play area inside POPPIES when my eyes spotted THESE.......

Yeap, you think you're looking at melamine or claytan's tableware, but you're wrong! :) These soup bowls and soup spoons are made from rice husks, thus the brand LITTLE HUSKS. It's completely natural, non-toxic and good for our environment too for obvious reasons! I am just so glad they have soup spoon in their range coz I've been looking for a long time for it....(didn't wanna let the two soup-loving babes use my clay and cute soup spoons for fear of em breaking it, and I only have 8 pieces!)

Even better is, the price is decent and it's locally manufactured, not MADE IN CHINA...phew-factor there! Hehe.... :P The soup spoon is only RM3.90, the soup bowl RM8.90. Would love to get the plates for them too if not because of its small size :(

After grabbing 2 of these items, I spotted what could be my FAVOURITE PRINTS from Envirosax thus far...the ORIGAMI set!!! Not gonna get all 5 prints from this range though coz I have enough grocery bag really.....but I knew I just had to own this one!!! It has cherry blossom prints....with a calm cool aquamarine colour......the print is so vibrant, don't you think? Makes me happy just looking at it.....(making me wish I have tons and tons of fabric in the entire ORIGAMI range prints!!!)

Aren't these sooooo pretty???? I wish I could have valid reasons to own the entire set, but NO, I do not...I have enough grocery bags.....(sigh).....So, for those of you who hasn't started using reusable grocery bags when you go to the supermarket, these gorgeous baggies gotta give you a good reason to...NO? (even if these don't....what about conscience then?) hehe!

***pssttt!!! I am actually very glad that the supermarket I frequently go to (if not each and every time) supports using our own grocery bag!!! This is very encouraging.....UNLIKE one huge hypermarket here that does not allow our own bags and even SEALS their plastic bags with cable strings!!!! Each and every plastic bag I tell you! Now imagine how many plastics they waste already...... :(


Karen said...

Pei, that supermarket you mentioned about I would guess is T K!! The stupid shop assistant stopped me once for bringing my own grocery bag and I asked him why couldn't I bring my own and demanded to see his store manager!! (I'm not the type of person whom should mess around with me from loving my planet!! haha...or you may say "tigress") In the end he let me in with my own grocery bag! What an un-environmental friendly as well as unfriendly supermarket I'd call it;(

Pearpear said...

TK is one! BLV is another!!!
They waste so much by tying every single plastic that goes out, no matter how small with plastic cable strings! I feel 'sakit hati' seeing that......

I am not a big fan of such supermarkets! I think they are rather backwards.....