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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Simple salmon with precious pea!

It's one of those days when I feel demotivated and yet still have to perform my duty to fill up the little bellies of the two babes with nutritious stuffs.......with no plans on what to cook for dinner....I opened my fridge and THIS orange Mr Salmon stared back at me....and tadaaaaaa.......dinner is planned! And in less than 45 minutes, dinner is done!

Here....let's all have healthy salmon with pureed peas :D

Here's the low-downs on this meal:

Salmon, as many slices as you want. Here I am using just ONE medium large slice.
Dried basil
Black pepper
Olive oil
Garlic powder

*Season the salmon with all the above.
*With a skillet or pan, heat up some olive oil or butter if you prefer.
*When it's heated to the right temp, lay the salmon into the pan and fry away!
*Halfway through, turn it over once.....let it cook for the same amount of time you did the other side, that's it! (Pardon me coz I can't tell you exactly how long to cook it over the stove, diff temp diff pan.....there's just no magic number in my look, and tell.....if the salmon is cooked well enough....I guess through experience? Hehe...sorry ya!)

1 cup of green peas (or more if you have more salmon slices)
2 medium potatoes, diced or sliced (doesn't matter)
1 large yellow onion, sliced (I usually use a lot more onions)
1 cup of boiling water (add more when necessary)
Salt and pepper to taste
Heavy cream (more if you like it super creamy)

*Boil all the ingredients (except heavy cream) together till cooked.
*Then, carefully pour it into your food processor and puree it.
*Halfway through, add in the cream, then let the food processor run a few pulses again to get it well blended!

The pea puree is done! It's yummy and also very nutritious coz it has carbohydrates from potatoes and the antibacterial properties of onion and best of all, as the name suggests, it has a pea-ful of goodness.....look at the chart below.....see how much nutrients a cup of peas give us?

Truth is, I myself NEVER liked green peas in the past....but I really do know and acknowledge its goodness....and I wanted to slot in this good stuff into my two babes...(and myself too of course..hehe)....but eating green peas in its round cute form is just not workable...thus, I searched for alternative ways to make peas more appealing...and I think I have just found it! :) Coz both babes ate the salmon and the pea puree appetizingly just now....

It always makes me feel good knowing I am feeding the two babes and myself right....that's the least I could do!