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Saturday, June 5, 2010

1st Commissioned Cupcakes

All these while I have been making cupcakes and cakes for family members' occasions voluntarily, and today's set of cupcakes would be my FIRST commissioned cuppie-works! Hooray! Ordered by my Godma for her good friend's son whose birthday party is this evening......and birthday boy Nick is turning 10!

Here's the 40 mini chocolate cupcakes with VERY super thick chocolate ganache. The 'grassy hills of Monaco' (ahemmm) are grown on top of the chocolate ganache too and it's peppermint buttercream grass.....I tried one extra cupcake with that peppermint buttercream...and ohhhh.....soooooo yummmmmy!!! Perfect combination, as usual!
Dangerous corner ahead!!!!

DIY-ed the mini flags, had to borrow the babes' magic markers to do the job! Hehe!

Ohhh!!! Ferrari won! (in case you get the wrong idea that I am a big fan, I actually placed the red mini race car at the finishing line randomly.....and only after I started snapping photos that I realized....ohhh....RED = Ferrari! :D )
Godma's gonna collect these yummies later in the afternoon.....I hope the birthday boy will be thrilled to see them, though I have no doubt on the seriously yummy cupcakes myself! :D