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Thursday, June 24, 2010

DIY Ya Own Garlic Bread!

I just made some garlic bread for breakfast this morning.....actually the photos you see here are of the 2nd batch's, the ones for my sis#2 who's waiting to go to you see, the garlic is kinda coarse here.....the 'supposed' garlic paste could be finer, just like the previous batch's that was already in my tummy... :D before I remembered to snap a pix of them! hehe!

First, slice your baguette lengthwise....or you could even use normal bread! In fact, I think I will experiment with wholemeal bread next!!! Once I replenished my garlic that is.....used up all of them this morning :P
Super simple, but yummy and healthy!
All you need next are: Butter, black pepper (preferably our Sarawak very fragrant pepper :D ), dried basil, and salt to taste. To make the garlic bread 'paste', you could use a granite mortar and pestle like I did to crush and cream the garlic + butter + salt + basil + pepper. Then, spread your garlic paste onto the breadsssss....preheat your oven if necessary......mine's not.

Bake them at 200C degree for 6-10 minutes, depends on your oven really.....THAT'S IT!!!! SIMPLE EH???? Do it then! :D
I had mine with a strong cuppa coffee for breakfast.....I forgot how many slices I had :O....
oh gosh!