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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Make Me A Snowman, MuM!

So yesterday Kyra said to me when I was showering her.....
Kyra: "mummy i want snowman, make one for me?"
Me: "huh? mummy cant make snow worrrr"
Kyra: "no need....just cut a circle, use white fabric....and u sew sew sew become snowman lorrrrr!"

It made me happy just to know my little girl looks up to me that way......she practically thinks her mummy is ABLE to make things she could think of! That's very flattering, but what really made me happier is the fact that at 4.5 years of age, she has adopted some part of me....the 'IMPROVISER' in me...LOL!

I guess this is why we as parents, should always be a positive influence in our child's life, big and small, even in little ways, from the way we eat to the way we speak! Coz I myself truly believe a child actually reflects her parents in more ways than we realize! BTW, I am not saying I am a perfect mummy, far from it actually...but I always try to remind myself this: "They (the two babes) will be influenced by what you do"......

And come to think of it....I do remember very vividly how my dad taught and showed us the ways around DIY tools when we were very little girls! He would go on and on about how to get it to hammer a nail, how to shave wood with a wood plane, hold the saw the proper way whenever he needed to do some DIY fixings around the home.....I guess that's why even now I'd tell you, I owe my woodworking skills to my dad, my love of baking to my mum!

And even though I can't say I love cooking... but through my mum, I have learnt that EVERYBODY loves coming home to warm homecooked meals without the need to worry what to 'tapau' (take away)! I'll always remember the nice content feeling of filling up my tummy right after school with a yummy lunch at home during my schooldays.....readily prepared by mum of course. And all these, are the little things that motivate me to dish out decent-enough meals after meals on a daily basis.......