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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I made my 1st roman blinds :D

*2 x 150cm wide Ikea BOMULL bedspread RM29/pc
(yes, you read me right, bedspreads I used)

*1 x 220cm wide Ikea BOMULL bedspread RM49/pc

*5meters plain cotton as lining (I used 90" wide bedsheet cotton coz it's wide enough) @RM10/meter

*Matching thread

*5.25meters velcro

*approximately 20meters of 1" wide pencil pleat tab (used as the slot for the aluminum rods)
@RM13/box of 50meters

*2 x 4.5' wide roman blind track set @RM72/set

*3 x 2.0' wide roman blind track set @RM64/set
***coz minimum length to pay is 4' apparently :(

Now I truly 'gedit' as to why people at the curtain shop charges so 'nicely' for customized roman blinds....these babies are not easy to make.....especially if you, like my case here, chose a non-stiff, non-rigid fabric....aduhmak! my bad......I am lucky though they turned out straight enough.....PHEWWWWW!!!!!
***But I think these should be easy for pros to sew if they do it for a living, no? :P
Here's the outcome.....
I chose BOMULL coz it's unbleached cotton, very raw feel to it...
and it has nice horizontal texture lines going across....
look looks like japanese blinds.....something lidat lah....
but I do know it's not the best fabric to pimp into becoming ROMAN :P
Finally.....I have roman blinds in my replace the temporary pieces of fabrics that I used to 'dress' down my windows....LOL! Happeeeeee.........
I hope it'll be longggggg before I have to make more roman blinds.....
Very daunting...... :D

RM520 only.

I had roman blinds in our living room custom made by curtain shop early 2009, and 6 panels of 4' wide roman blinds costed us RM2000 after -RM300 discount :O. That makes 1 panel = RM333.33. Darn expensive, right? Hoooshhh!!!!

The ones I DIY-ed here, a total of 5 panels, we can assume the 2' wide panels are the same as those of 4' wide since they charge a minimum of 4' for the tracks anyway. So if I were to get these custom made, I would be paying approximately RM1500.

Hey, I think I just saved 2/3 of the price! :D

***Psssttt!!! For those who are new to my blog, the headboard is also DIY-ed! If you need a solution to a big hole behind your bed.....check this out!


~Jamie said...

Now, what I really want to know is TELL ME ABOUT THAT BED!!!

It's fantastic, and I simply have to know more about it!

Pearpear said...

Hi hi Jamie,
thanks for dropping by...

yeah, the's my favourite piece of furniture in the entire house too!!! it's made of solid teak and because such a bed is not available locally where we are....we have to ship it in actually.

And guess what, the mattress is actually IKEA's Sultan Hogbo (a super bargain buy i'd say).....
sadly, HOGBO is no longer available....too bad....coz almost everyone who has slept on our daybed downstairs (also using HOGBO) commented how super comfy the mattress was!!!

247 said...

Nice blog, very interesting! Pictures too good. i too used some of the roman blinds, its really a suitable for both living room and bed rooms.

For more info:

William said...

Hi, i was wondering what is that behind your bed? and how can i make one or get one? i'm looking something like that.