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Monday, June 28, 2010

polkadot + cupcake

28th June 2010: today's D day.....I created the page and gently launched my handmade label "polkadot + cupcake" in Facebook after 'simmering' it for many many weeks. This is significant to me......coz I just celebrated my 30th birthday last week on 19th June, then a week later on 26th June, Zac and I marked our FIFTH year 'married'...LOL! I guess I really love the month of June subconsciously......

Well, I think I'll just copy and paste the write-ups of this humble beginning from its facebook fanpage then.....coz I've been composing, editing, writing, updating blogs and fanpage all at the same time.....even my brain got exhausted! but NEVER short of excitement! :D

okie, here it is...quoted from 'polkadot + cupcake' facebook fanpage:

"This is THE label.......

the tiny bit of fabric that will adorn all my items from now on...

How did I know I chose the right name for my label?
Simple....I just named it after my two most precious little humans...their pet names ie. LOL!
Then, I sms-ed the 'proposal' to 2 of the few most important peeps in my life,
one with a solid graphic background, the other....ermm....with many backgrounds:P
I got their responses within the same hour, same solid positive alterations needed even though this is my 1st proposal!!!
What more do I need to seek, right?

(I mean, over the years, even naming my two girls were not this doubt-less...LOL!)"


For some of you who might have read this POST, you'd know better.... :D

Anyway....welcome to my tiny little far, I have got some little bags, little dresses, skirts, nursing covers with rigid necklines and its matching pouch @ just RM39....(yeap yeap!!! I had to pay over RM100 to get mine shipped in from the states 2 years ago after I gave birth to Maia!), ONE dog leash....haha.....wall decor and the list will grow..most definitely....

Oohh...Sis#2 even asked me to include my homemade cupcakes as one of the 'items for sale' too! :] I'll take that as a compliment....but maybe I will, but not on the same site though.....coz today alone, two persons (sis included) had mentioned I should cater for the local (Kch) market for cupcakes....haha.....maybe I should.....

Ok ok....see the "FACEBOOK" button on the top left on this site? Yeap....there you go!
Thanks in advance for visiting ya :)

***PPSSSTTT!!!! I don't have a clue why I can't seem to change the font size of the 'copied n pasted''s kinda irritating to the eyes i know..i