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Thursday, June 24, 2010

My time saver trick!

Yes, it's as simple as that, I cut down my cooking time into half by squeezing two types of 'food' into my Sharp Healsio water oven to steam most times. In fact, I do this with my Panasonic convection oven too, whenever suitable!

Seen here was last nite's dinner. Steamed broccoli in the large deep plate and egg tofu in the smaller bowl for the babes. Then on the stove I had salmon cooking, the salmon dish I blogged about quite recently......and another small pot with green peas and etc simmering (before I turn this dish into the pea puree to go with the salmon)!

Most people who saw me cooking my broccolis this way would ask: "Wouldn't it be still hard to the bite?" Truth is, it's perfectly nice, not to mention healthier than boiling your broccoli like my mum and godma still do:D I oven-steam it for 12-13 minutes, with just olive oil + black pepper + salt, and the outcome is a very sweet and juicy calcium-rich vege! In fact, this steamed broccoli is Zac and the babes' favourites! Mine too of course, coz I introduced this to their taste buds haha.....

Well, you don't have to own this water oven to steam your brocco most definitely! You can steam it the old fashioned way, or even used the multi-tiered electronic's just steaming anyway! And trust me, you'll never want to go back to boiling your vege after this!
This (above) is why I have broccoli in my fridge every week!!!