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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

After d trip....

I have so many stuffz to write about but not the time to do so....gosh! This is I was sewing a ruffle skirt (very cute I must say) yesterday, I told myself: "You have to set a day to sit down with your long-neglected blog, before you start making your 2nd set of curtains!"

Okay, so here I am!

Where should I start? I think I'll go randomly according to memory then...BEWARE! photos aplenty! Click to view larger images ya:)

We (the babes and I) flew to KL to join Zac for the school holidays on 10th June, and were back 17th. To summarize, out of the 7 days, we 'appeared' in IKEA (or Ikano) FOUR times :O coz it's become Kyra and Maia's favourite hangout mall, thanks to Ikea's ice cream at the cafe and the mini super cute Ikea trolley for kiddos! :[ (I guess they have gotten used to that place coz even before we moved back and away from Ikea *sob*sob*, we frequent Ikano almost every other weekend anyway)

Photo strip #2: What you do when you're @Ikea's!
25 years guarantee: for my little babe? : trolley-full of food used to be our usual before we left Ikea for good to 'occupy' our Kuching home : fabricholics I am! : the very-loved RM1 Ikea ice cream (we had plenty of this throughout the trip lol!) : don't you love the colourful stools? I have one of that at home, mine's red! But I guess ONE red stool can't be as cute as many colourful stools like this eh!? :D


We lunched with Jacklyn and family at Chili's @1U, the babes (total: 4 of them) had lots of fun riding the 'animals' except Kyra (of course!). She, very much like her dad, just refused to let herself have fun, pure simple fact, she was sobbing while riding her big toy elephant ride! Gosh! Jac bought us the lunch, how sweet of her, and Tyrel of course...LOL! Tashell and Maia, surprisingly clicked so well, these two were buddy-buddy with each other the entire time...just look at them, you'll see.....and before we said our goodbyes, I promised Tashell that I will let her make cupcakes at my house with Kyra and Maia and her meimei Tafflene when they visit Kuching in November.....(which kid doesn't like cupcakes!?)
Photo strip #3: sweet sweet babes under 5! Oldest cheche being Tashell, followed by my Kyra who's 3 months younger, then Maia who's an October 07 baby while Tash's little meimei is youngest, a November 07 baby! That's Maia in 4th pix, holding the Tupperware tumbler Jac got them each, they were eager to use it once they got home....goodness!


We dined with Caren & family, and Ilin at the new Empire Shopping Mall. Boy, Le Boy was quick to warm up to us, to my huge delight! At 9 months old, babies this age are aware of who's around them and usually have stranger-anxiety, that's why before meeting him I was a bit sceptical as to whether I'd get to carry him for the 1st time this trip. He too, clicked with Maia well...LOL! Seems like most people (adults and kids alike) can click easily with her eh.....

I must say that Le Boy is one cheerful and lively little fella, even Zac agreed! On top of being all that, he is also one tough little cookie, according to mummy Caren, he went through his 2nd operation (for his cleft) without much fuss and was still able to smile to the Dr and nurses the next morning after operation :O I truly don't know how could he not be bothered by the pain lerrr....Gosh! Kudos little fella! I was so happy to see you really! All grown up (compared to the last time I saw him at 3.5months old) and eating ya solids so amazingly good. Well, his mummy has gone through a lottttt even before his birth, so seeing him now all so 'leng cai' and healthy kinda makes everything okay, everything fine......(of course, wait till he starts trooping around the house breaking things, and has a lot more of his own 'principles' to debate with mummy......hahahaha).

Oh! The cute thing about this meet-up was, we all got each other presents! LOL!..Making it feel like Christmas really. I gave the 1st and 2nd zippered pouch that I made to these two wonderful friends of mine, and they in return, got me an early 30th birthday gift! In the form of fabrics!!! YEEEeeeee! Great thinking huh?! Me likey! :D
Photo strip #4: That's Le Boy (actual name: Sherlock), and notice how the three little peeps were wearing similar themed clothings? How cute is that? Maia was actually in Le Boy's jacket coz she said she was cold :P but I am guessing it's only coz Kyra has her jacket on! And THANKS you two for the sweet birthday gift and 'dinner' a few nites later....(you know, the one where we talked till we forgot to snap our usual 'photo', till the restaurant dimmed to lights to close up?) :D

Photo strip #5: What we do at daddy's place!
Maia demo-ing her new bathing suit, and showing us how the orange Tupperware tumbler and ball matched her suit to the T! : the two babes playing 'water' at daddy's apartment's indoor pool : Domino's pizza (beef pepperoni to be exact) used to be our weekly too, so we couldn't miss it while we were there : role-playing as "THE ANGEL" with a magic wand that costed just RM6.50 :O for the entire set (wings, wand and head piece) Found it at Bake With Yen baking ingredients shop btw!

Photo strip #6: More thingssss.....
I love this pix of Kyra and Zac coz I think she looked sweet there : That's Maia in our trusted Peg Perego Polkadottie stroller that does can't go wrong with this stroller really! Yeah I know it does not look space-age like Stokke's or aero like Quinny's, but practicality-wise, this one beats em hands down! I am sure of that coz I have tried all before deciding to get Peggie Peregoieeee! :P : ahhh....two sistas looking all sweet and demure and harmless eh? Too sweet to be true lah! : okie, I chose 3 bathing suits for Kyra to choose from, and guess what?!!! She chose the zebra-print bikinis instead (last pix)...hahaha!!! And no, she didn't get that from me....


Photo strip #7: It's time to say buhbaiiii....
I pledged my RM25 to plant a tree, and in return got a nice colourful grocery bag at Mid Valley : I tried and tested the RM5 a pop cupcake at KLCC's Bijou and found them to be fine and achievable at home, here in my home..LOL! : its their 1st ride on the KLIA Express train to reach KLIA before boarding our plane:)


Oh, we were lucky enough to be on the Mas Airbus instead of the usual 737 coz they also served us Haagen Dazs ice creams.....I guess that's to compensate our leaving Ikea...I mean, KL....???

Oh that I've baked my June (part 2) challenge for my Learn2Bake Club, I have to post it up here too ya.....wait....lemme go fetch my little babe now......I've been prepping photos and blogging the entire morning! :O