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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OMG! my 2nd zippered pouch :O

I did it again!!!
It's just so interesting to see THIS come to shape,
I guess the vibrant happy stripes contributed loads to its cuteness ratio too........
The strap of this zippered pouch is made with polkadot
grossgrain ribbon, and yes, the fabric flower is another
scrappy matter...hehe!

The interior is lined with brightly printed cotton,
and I suspect this is why I am loving this stripey pouch
super duper muchie!!!
Makes me happy just looking at it! :D
This one's gonna be a gift for a dear friend,
I hope she does forget to read my blog from today till mid June:P

I have one little problem with the things I made....
(cupcakes excluded)
Each time I make something,
I fall deeply in lurveeeee with it that
I am so hesitant to let it go! :(

To the (past, present, future) recipients
of all my humble homemade handmade things,
I really hope my little gift would bring as much
excitement and joy into your life as much as
it did mine!

And if you happen to own something I made for you as a gift,
do know that you mean a lot to me :)