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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Homemade Mothers' Day!!!

We celebrated 5 moms last Sunday, namely, Grandma (my mum), MIL (Z's mum), Godma, ME, and a last minutely invited Aunt. The CHILDREN (me included) decided to make the dinner ourselves and exclude the usual chef aka my mum because it's Mothers' Day....... (I wonder why am I not excluded as well...LOL! But I guess that gotta mean I am still young). So here it is....snapshots of that evening.......a very enjoyable one that is!

The carrot cake I made.....and look at how pitiful that babe was?
Don't be fooled by her multi-facial expression! HEHE!
She just had a chocolate mousse prior to this pix!
I didn't ask her to pose with my cake fyi.......Here she is again....
Posing with the chocolate mousse I made for dessert!
You'll be able to tell how heavenly chocolate mousse is by looking at
Maia's expressions by photo!
I didn't have to ask her to dig in too!!!!
confirmed a chocolate love, like me and my family!
(FYI, Kyra on the other hand, DOES NOT like chocolate)
Weird huh? Who doesn't like chocolate? LOL!
Lemon Dew drink that LEONARD, my lil bro made.....
Honey Dew juice + Lemon Juice + Sugar + Crushed ice + Mint + h2o
Very refreshing!!!
Modified deviled eggsssssss!
Our last minute improvisation!
I had a lot of fun dressing these chocolate mousse up I tell u....
Made me feel like a real CHEF for that day...LOL!

Simple sushis by Cousin Stella....
It's yummy albeit the simplicity...
My babes just loved it so much, they ate till Z had to forbid em!
The MOMssss..... x 5
(the 2 babes couldn't help emselves...they just had to celebrate the
cake and usual......even if it's not their occasion I tell you)
It was a great fun throwing a small casual dinner party for my closest family least now I know how to make chocolate mousse.....and pipe basketweave pattern on the cake!!! :D Mothers' Day is never a day when I expect to get presents from hubby doesn't make much sense to me..LOL! But he did give me a little something that I've wanted since last year.....and I thank him for that :D AND he did say:
"This is an ALL-OCCASIONs-WHOLE-YEAR-IN gift you know....."
LOL! I don't mind......
What's really important on this kind of occasion is how it is celebrated....
with people who mattered most to me!

Now this is really a HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY, alright!