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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shaun The Sheep?

Made these last weekend for my Singapore sis-in-law, at the same time test drove my Shaun The Sheep for fun......these are moist chocolate cupcakes with either dark chocolate ganache (the blackish brown) or peppermint white chocolate ganache (the green ones), and I think you'll be able to tell how moist it is with this pix, no?
Tested ONE ladybug too...with fondant.....just coz it's so adorable....
The frosting in lighter green is non-dairy fresh cream and it's by far my favourite kinda frosting coz it's not that sweet.....

Say Hi to Shaun, everybody!
Lemme see....Sis-in-law brought back 10 cuppies to Singapore,
Cuzzie Mobby took 6,
Aunt Halinah got 5,
Sis#2 took 3 (2 for her buddies),
and I ate the rest! LOL! FYI, there were 34 cuppies in total. Ahemmmm!!!

Dad's 55th birthday is this coming Saturday, and I have already 'sketched' out my cake design specially for him (in my head that is). :D I can only tell you it's yellow butter cake made with golden churn butter, just because some weeks ago he did ask if I could make him the 'common' yellow butter cake...hehe!

Another good occasion to bake, YAY!!!