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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eeeee!!!!! I Just Made My 1st Pouch!!!

I haven't done a single sewing for over a week.....or was it 2 weeks? :O Coz I have been baking a lot a lot.....there's baking for Mothers' Day....Teachers' Day.....Cousin-visiting-from-Miri day...LOL! It's good to have wonderful occasions to bake for...haha...less guilt! :P

So this morning, since lunch and dinner have been taken care of,
I found myself itching to make something useful,
and I remember how much I loved Sis#2's MNG wristlet pouch last Sunday,
thus, THIS!
Fully lined with cotton printed batik and with a layer of
4mm thick sponge sandwiched in between,
this wristlet pouch is even good for a digital camera I realized!
Well, it can definitely fits my hp, keys, tissue pack, hand sanitizer,
(even 1 sanitary pad), and a medium square wallet.....(not my long wallet tho!)
I truly luv this navy blue Japanese cotton to's on the expensive side....unfortunately!
I can only imagine owning bolts and bolts of beautiful Japanese cotton in my studio...
(Don't get me wrong, I luv American cottons too....esp those of Patty Young's,
Amy Butler's....the list is longgg!)

I completed the look with my handmade flower,
also from scrap fabric, I like a bit of contrast for this pouch,
so I chose this red punchy printed fabric flower.
Now I wish I already have my fabric label in I can stitch it on the pouch,
and call it the "-------" creation!
Hehe.....surprises ahead!