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Friday, April 30, 2010

What's with girls and shuz?

CROCS Malaysia had their warehouse sale starting yesterday till 3rd May 2010. Z managed to grab 2 pairs for Kyra since she loves wearing her Crocs super much. So I asked him to get Kyra a RUBY RED Alice (1st pix) in size M1, and PINK Mary Jane (2nd pix) in size M2! The usual prices for Kyra's Crocs are between RM119 to RM129 depending on design, and for these, we only paid RM35 per pair! Yeap, amazing discounts huh! Over 70% mark down :O So totally worth it!

Hehe...some of you might wonder, "What about Maia?".....
Well, I just took out Kyra's old Crocs and washed em...there are currently 1x BLUE Gabby, 1x PURPLE Alice and 1x PINK Sketchers (also the same kind of material as Crocs), strangely, all these 3 are of more or less the same sizes....and all are still looking new and in pristine conditions! Now why did we get so many pairs for Kyra last time? hmmmm......I can't remember.....

So, that's why, no more impulse buying! Haha! Maia's now wearing Kyra's 1st pair of Crocs which is a LILAC Cayman...and once she outgrows this pair, she will have the Gabby, Alice and Sketchers to choose from! Imagine that.... (Guilty to say, on top of these Crocs, both babes still have their dress shoes from Chinese New Year and sandals to boot! Pun intended...hehe!)

Okie, gotta continue my spring cleaning....sorting their outgrown clothing and shoes to be donated to the Salvation Army.......

These below are the ones we didn't get coz I usually don't buy things that are not so classic and will bore me over time.....Hello Kitty Crocs are discounted to RM50 per pair, Polkadot ones too!