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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

HFMD down, ASTHMA to conquer!

As mentioned previously, we spotted HFMD symptoms on Maia and Kyra on Saturday. After tons of chinese medicines, today, Maia's ulcers seem to have shrunken, the blisters on her right palm are also drying. Thank God both babes didn't have to suffer the pain of multiple mouth ulcers! I can't imagine the pain, coz I usually am truly frustrated when I have just ONE ulcer in the mouth.....imagine FIVE or SIX in Maia's mouth! The chinese medicines must have helped suppress the progression of her ulcers...coz Maia didn't complain much about pain throughout! PHEW!!!

The only problem from this incident is, both babes started coughing badly on Sunday evening.....and so, we brought them to the child specialist, Dr Tan. I am so thankful we went, Dr Tan said that their coughs relapsed most probably due to the HFMD virus attack on the lungs. She prescribed antivirus pills and other cough medicines.

Now the only thing Z and I have to tackle is their continuous super-prolonged coughs.....come to think of it, it's gonna exceed 2.5 months' mark very soon, my goodness!!! They were recovering when HFMD attacked, now they are still coughing madly especially in the mornings.

Somebody suggested a direct-selling cactus juice that costs a big bomb (let's just say you can buy 2 pairs of TOD's shoes from factory outlet in the states with that money). I am doubtful. I think I will try HONEY, LEMON WATER, cut down on dairy products for now.....I have googled, I know what I am talking about :) and besides, within this period, we have already spent 1x COACH large handbag on their medical bills :[ and honestly, I prefer something we can maintain daily on a long term basis, not just this week or month!

The only thing both Z and I do not know is, WHAT IS THE TRIGGER for their asthma! I just wish somebody can come visit and tell us the answer......could it be flower dander from our garden? or the labrador at the backyard? or dust mites in the soft toys and mattresses?

For the record, we have:
*Removed all soft toys from their room
*Removed the bedroom rug too (thought it's part of the theme :( )
*Vacuumed and mopped every other day (that's a lot okay....the honorable maid is yours truly)
*Cleaned all the airconds inside out, even with enzyme solutions made for the internal fins!
*Changed their bedsheets super frequently!
*Cleaned their everythings with RAINBOW VACUUM CLEANER! (that can suck out dust mites!)
*Googled so much on this topic, that if Google can speak, it will say: "That's enough!" :P

and still, NO IMPROVEMENTS! We are d.e.s.p.e.r.a.t.e.


Judy D. said...

What kind of pillow do the girls sleep on? There are pillows made specifically for allergy sufferers. It might be worth a try. I wish you and your family my best.

Pearpear said...

Hi Judy,

Thanks for ur info. Really appreciate it.

We finally found the allergen, that's been 'residing' at our home since 2mths++ ago....and it is the Chinese New Year PUSSY WILLOW plant!
The day we took the plant out of the house, is the day my doter stopped coughing whatsoever!