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Friday, April 9, 2010

My 1st Shirring!

Maia's recovered from HFMD, and her asthma cough is better too! Kyra's cough is still persistent though, sadly. And after weeks of not sewing, I finally have the mood to do it! YAY for me! Coz I finally learnt how to do shirring, something I've always wanted to do but dared not! Thanks to PRUDENT BABY, I successfully shirred my 1st paisley print sundress for Maia!
Now this 2nd experimental shirred dress is inspired by KUKY IDEAS. Here I used the leftover fabric from Maia's quilted blankie project (seen here on her bed). It's actually a very narrow fabric, but good thing is enough to let Maia wear it for least.... :D I obviously love this kinda green.....that's her in her shared bedroom btw!

Well, if I find time to sew today, I'll make a shirred sundress for her big sista Kyra! If not today, it will definitely be SOON! It's just so much fun, I am grateful there are generous peeps out there who took time to compose tutorials on these....or anything for that matter!