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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Re-PURPOSing The Doors

I remember how the back of our old bedroom door looked back when I was a little girl and still co-sleeping with my parents, with my Sis@2 too! Because of the lack of space, I also remember 'hating' not having my own HOOK! Yeap, hook I said.... :P

But now that I have my own home, own room own bathroom.....strangely enough, I still find myself being overwhelmed by the sheer number of things to keep NEAT! Having two little babes who own tons of toys and things do not help:( and today, I find myself holding my mini power drill (again!)...and plenty of guessed it, to screw things of course!

Here, let's see.....

Clockwise from L-R:
*The 'scene' at the back of the babes' room door, fixed with 2 units of IKEA Molger wooden hooks to hold their bags, diaper stacker, etcetera.....

*Right next to the door is where I 'planted' their huge apple tree....and there you'll find a giant FROG pockets! Also from IKEA, of course......(the source of all things innovative and more or less affordable....)

*The 2 green bath towels now have their own place, behind my bathroom door! Originally there was only ONE hook and I find my towel nowhere to be hung!

*On the same bathroom door, on the OTHER side, I attached 6 Ikea hooks for random items....mostly clothes though! Some of you might wonder why I 'pollute' the front of my bathroom door with hooks, I bet? Well, the entire space that you see here is the walk-in closet actually, so I guess it's okay to make full use of the door as well...since the entire 'thing' is an open concept storage anyway.........well, better than having nowhere to hang my stuffs, I'd say! And AFTER we install the dividing doors (ie. also AFTER we have excess $$$ LOL!), no one will be able to see this door from our bedroom!

*On the same bathroom door of mine....(poor door has to work so hard for me...LOL!), I fixed 2 units of IKEA tie rack that I bought aeons ago onto the door frame to hold my belts, scarves, several I can access em easily and they no longer create a terrible mess when they are all over the floor......yay!

In case you remembered I once mentioned we were getting Ikea Stolmen system for our walk-in, right? Change of plan. A good one. Now we plan to DIY something rugged, maximizing the entire floor to ceiling space, probably on HALF of what the Stolmen might have costed us! Will keep you posted on that when it's accomplished.....kinda busy with two babes who've been down with asthma for over 2 months actually.....

Now this (above) is the back of door @ our STORE ROOM. I attached 2 plastic baskets, 1 pencil caddy, 2 stainless steel hold-anythings and a hook to hang the purpose non-woven bag!

*Plastic baskets are removable and they are used to store colour pencils, loytapes, and such!

*Pencil caddy (the wooden thingie) is for the babes' markers and our pens/pencils! Before today, Kyra always managed to locate and sneak the markers for her 'art'! It's okay for her to do that, but not OKAY FOR MAIA COZ ONCE SHE TOOK A PEN AND DREW ALL OVER OUR LEATHER DINING there you go.....

*The stainless steel hold-anythings, I use em to store scissors, name it!

*Finally, the purple FOC non-woven grocery bag is now proudly keeping all their A3 art papers in check! Before today, this bag held nothing really :D

Well, I still have a little bit of space on the back of this door....but for now, these are sufficient to keep our almost-daily items organized and UN-lost!

Honestly, at first, I did hesitate to drill on the doors.....then I reasoned with myself (Yeap, it seems like I have two of me here.... sort of!), and the other ME won! Really, if I didn't drill and make use of the back of these doors....they won't see much daylight too anyway.....and all those ugly messy stationeries will tarnish the look of our living room! So which is more crucial? A few holes at the back of your door, or a messy living room? Obviously, I got the answer already.... :)