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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Blouse = Her Shirtdress

I was googling on what you can do with shirring...yes, I am madly in love with shirring lately after learning it......and I found this interesting and useful idea HERE! And since I do have a couple of adult shirts/blouses laying around my closet since forever, I figured this is what I should do about them....instead of letting them collect dust!

Here's the took me approximately 30-40 minutes to do this, and I am really very happy with it :D even though the only shirring involved was ONE LINE, on the elasticized waist.

I made it a sleeveless dress so Kyra can wear it during the daytime....believe me, the weather is really turning mad on us.....@34+C degrees (used to be 29C), I figured she won't wanna be drenched in her own sweat! (or worse, she might not wanna wear it if it makes her uncomfy!)

Now lemme go and spring clean the closet for more have one? :D


vivian said...

Joey, I like all your sewing, u r great! Can open boutique liao!

Pearpear said...

Hi Viv,
thanks for the compliment!
I see that you own ur blog finally!!!
Good for u!!! :)