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Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Truly Bloomin Brilliant, Jamie!

I've heard from a friend that this recipe is very good.....and decided to give it a try since all the ingredients are in my kitchen anyway....and most importantly, we all love chocolate-anythings!

Hubby: This brownie is really good, man! You can really sell this!!!

So, in case you have not a clue of the title of this post.....this brownie is from Jamie Oliver, one of my favourite cooking guy...for his spontaneity and simplicity of course!


Anonymous said...

What brand to use for choc/cocoa powder and any sugar reduction for making this?

I've tried your wilton choc cupcake(am I right to choose choc sponge under the choc cupcake category cos they're so many to choose from) and it turned out well!


Pearpear said...

Hi Myra,
great to know ur cupcake turned out well! :D

For this brownie,
I didn't reduce the sugar this 1st time, but I think I will reduce 30g or so the next brownie...hehe...

I used a local brand for the chocolate/cocoa powder, quite sure it's not available where u r :P but i am sure if u use a decent one, the taste will be right......

Have a great brownie! HEHE!
(we did!)