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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kyra & Mummy's FAVE Cupcake!

Yeap, just shy of a year ago, I wouldn't even try baking carrot cupcakes. Yeap, silly me! Just the 'vege' name in it turns most people off I think....but thankfully I shared a good slice at BING's early last year with lil bro, Ivy, WK.....and immediately fell in love.....

Even better is, Kyra the fussy picky eater, loves my carrot cupcakes! She, the one who does not wanna eat black chocolate cupcakes, because it's dark in colour....yeap, SHE! Haha.....

This carrot cupcake seen here, is frosted with LITE cream cheese frosting....unfortunately, the LITE version is a bit runny especially if it's not chilled, but it's absolutely yummy I had 3 standard sized of these for breakfast these two mornings.... :O (psssttt!!! I am having my 2nd one now....with a cuppa hot earl grey....yeap, call me crazy....crazy in love with carrot cupcake and cream cheese frosting that is!)