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Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Leaf by HSL: An Upgrade Of Housing Projects in Kuching!

We dropped by HSL's newly launched housing project aptly named 'The Leaf' after lunch coz it's rather near our house, and also to check out the interior decor of the show house.....Verdict? Kyra loves it, I do too...LOL!

Prices range from RM700k++ to over RM1million++, and I overheard the saleslady telling an uncle that all the semi-detached units are taken :O (I didn't know Kuchingnites are this loaded..hehe)

Come, check out the 'stolen' photos....

This (below) is the show unit, a semi-detached with a built up area of approx 1800sq ft ++ (according to the saleslady). I am in lurvveeee with the landscape, truly! Truth is, the facade shares some resemblance to our home, only their windows are nicer... :P

MASTER BEDROOM: Bright and airy, spacious too...slightly wider than ours :P I simply love the rectangular ottoman in weird green!

This was shot when I was standing at the hallway, from the staircase leading towards the rooms. That's MY Kyra there.....admiring 'her' dream room.....LOL! Those who know me would know I have used pink+green combo extensively (even for my wedding theme) this room below is my favourite really....though not really pink, it's fuchsia+moss green (the same green i used for the girls' room). I hate the hi-gloss timber flooring.

Notice the drawers under the bed platform? That's one nice idea there, combining additional storage into a seamless modern design. The shared platform concept for both single 'beds' is cool, somehow, it makes me feel not so 'distanced' from my sibling if i was a little young kid sharing this room with a sista! Feels close and secure... :D (well, that's me)

This is the 1st room you'll see upon walking up the stairs, i felt nothing towards this room...LOL!

Love all the bathrooms. They are equipped with extra large mirrors making the space feels larger, blurred tempered glass partition for the shower area, with classy mosaic tiles running along the wall.

PERKS? This residential area is gated&guarded (G&G), and if you try to climb over their perimeter fencing? You'll end up a BBQ chicken without wings! That sure will ensure I have a stress-free super good nite's sleep every nite when hubby is outstation, won't it? hehe....I crave!

Too bad we can't possibly install this type of 'Electrified Perimeter Fencing'! We might accidentally electrocute the nosy uncle next door's nose, coz he has this penchant of peeking over our fence when we are not looking! :D

NOTE: FYI, the living room, kitchen and dining are very nicely decorated as well, you don't see photos here coz there were too many people around for me to snap photos...HEHE!