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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


You know how it is when space ads around the malls or MRT (or LRT) stations are not filled up and they would advertise for ad spaces? Well, I've been reminded by 'well-meaners' that almost 50% of the photo frames around our home is empty several times, LOL! SO, I've sorta filled the frames up a bit......

With this......

If any of you are wondering, at all....
I leave some of the frames on our walls, EMPTY, on purpose,
not because I do not have enough prints to hang around, pun intended :P
My reasons are simple really....
I just wanna keep 'room' for the future.
Yeap, just that.

Of course I know I should not be keeping space for
photos from 10 years ahead, duh! but at least for 2 years maybe?
Before I find new and bigger walls to create another wall of frames..hehe!!!