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Friday, July 3, 2009

Ayam masak manis :D

i lurrrvvveeeee ayam masak merah, very much in fact! but it has to be deep fried with skin intact, thus, making it 1 of the last choice in my personal menu that i'd cook for the babes! (fatty and less healthy mah.... :P)

So, this is a kiddie variation, but trust me, it's as finger lickin good as the A.M.M ok!
(coz my madher ate lots of it too, for lunch just now! :D )

- chicken breast meat, diced or sliced (i sliced mine into small pieces so it's easier for the babes)
- potatoes, cubed!
- tomatoes, cubed!
- red onions, minced!
- cooking oil or butter
- some water
- sugar, salt & pepper to taste
- tomato ketchup

***i marinaded my chicken meat with salt, pepper, light soy sauce & black sesame oil.
But even if you skip this step, i doubt this dish won't turn out just as nice :D

1) Heat up oil in wok
2) Add in onions, fry till fragrant!
3) Throw in potatoes, cook for a while till it's soft enough to eat! (otherwise, don't blame me if you kid refuses to swallow it)
4) Add in chicken meat, fry till cooked.
5) Then, put a few tablespoonfuls of tomato ketchup, sugar, salt & pepper to taste!
6) Add some water if you don't like it dry!

Yummmm!!!!! I love it too! Btw, i skip putting any starch into it coz i personally feel it's not necessary, but those who cook this dish with more water, you can add it if that's what u like.

Kyra loves it, ate a whole plateful of it with rice, Maia loves it, Madher loves it (i suspect), I love it.....EVERYBODY loves it....
So, what are you waiting for?