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Monday, July 6, 2009

PACK-A-PUNCH sandwich :D

well, i made a very nutritious and delicious sandwich for lunch today...
Little K 'sapu' her entire portion cleanly...and that really made me like THIS sandwich even more!

ok, here's the recipe for my very own and original PACK-A-PUNCH sandwich:

- sandwich bread (you can opt for ordinary bread or buns too! or even baguette)
- egg, beated, then 'season' with a lil bit of salt and pepper for taste
- lettuce
- cheese slice (i am using cheddar)
- ham (or homecooked meat slices is even better)
- mayonnaise (a tiny bit will do!)
- black pepper
- avocado, sliced thinly
- tomato, sliced

i think by looking at the ingredients, it is already very much self-explanatory?

Very easy to prepare, tastes great, and not forgetting the whole combo truly packs a punch
of all the necessary nutrients!!! (avocado is a brain food afterall!)