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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random me....

It's been so many days since i've written a thing here...but i always 'wrote' things, stories, thoughts in my mind though... :P  (i guess i should start making my writing desk more attractive)

The week had passed, and i have cooked quite a number of dishes i have never done before...some are unheard of too! LOL!...shark meat fillet with dip, asparagus with big prawn...YUMMY! Baked pasta in creamy sauce topped with mozzarella....yupe, real meals....and i am starting to feel motivated to learn more n more new dishes, really!

It's saturday, so we have nowhere to go to spend some family time OUTSIDE, so off to the Spring, well, what to do....can't go to Ikano, nor the 'valley'.....sigh.....
And so i stepped into Parkson, browsed a bit...was actually trying to find a plastic spray bottle to fill with glass cleaner solution, coz yours truly is actually planning to spring clean the house, and clean all the glass 'elements' in it this weekend......i didn't find that..but instead, i ended up getting 5 very quaint-colored 8R photo frames......why do i say quaint? no, it's not magical or anything's in duck egg blue with a silver lining.......yes, duck egg's almost like an item you'd pick up from Laura Ashley, no kidding!

The more quaint thing is the price!  After 20% discount, i had to pay only RM8.80 for one classy looking quaint frame! And in solid wood and furniture quality finish too! :)
I 'sapu' all, well, only 5 left on the rack.  So i left Parkson a happier me!
(I shall show you the pix of the frames with OUR photos in it, all hung up much later ya!)

On top of this, i've been 'planning' Maia's upcoming 2nd birthday the comfort of my very own brain , ie!  Oh, it's very interesting...... keywords: plenty of DIY-ed items :D

Happy Sunday, in advance! :D
*This blue is almost like the duck egg blue frame i got...i imagine it would go perfectly with this room here! 


ningning said...

aisi... if not mistaken, meimei bday in oct??? now baru goin into aug? wahhhh.. sioknyeeee..

pear pear said...

yeap, and guess what! her ning ning still owes her the 1st bday present that she promised worr.....
i guess she'll make it a double whammy this coming bday???? jeng jeng jeng!!!!


pear pear said...

*hav to start planning in advance coz need to 'design' the things wan mah....and since i am "ALL 4 1, 1 4 ALL", will take ages to get those done!
(n the bday gonna coincide with house warming too)