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Monday, July 6, 2009

UEK!!!! :P

I think i cheered too early for this...
Well, just 2 days ago, i gladly told Z that Little K hasn't fallen sick for an entire 2 week stretch :O
Why is this surprising, you ask?
Owh....ever since she started kindie,  her health schedule goes like this:
1 week clear, 1 week sick, 1 week clear, 1 week sick, 
OR, worse,
1 week clear, 2 weeks sick, 1 week clear, 3 weeks sick!

SO, yesterday she started having mild fever, which was fine coz it was only 37.3c.
Unfortunately, just now her fever started going up to 37.8c, and she puked at dinner! :O
I see her nose running around in the living room too! :P

sigh......let's just hope she will be fine asap, without going to the Doc and be prescribed with 
antibiotics (as per usual!).......