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Friday, July 31, 2009

DA way 2 a man's heart....

is thru his tummy, they say????
LOL! I don't know why, but everytime i heard somebody saying this, i would be grinning 'internally' while imagining a plump (that's the minimum) happy hubby whom that somebody has (if it's a she),  or whom that somebody would become one day.... :P

So, knowing how much both of us enjoyed mum's chicken curry on sunday till we didn't have enough, i repeated chicken curry yesterday for dinner!  I SMS-ed Z to 'notify' that there will be the same chicken curry later......anticipation bahhh.... but i knew him all too well.....he might be thinking MY curry would not be even close as good as mum' nvm that...

2 minutes into our dinner....i broke the silence... "So, how's it?"
Z: What?
Me: My curry lah! :P
Z: You see me eating till no sound no sound means i am enjoying it u have broken my 'RHYTHM" of enjoying it!
Me: huhhh??? Of course i need some kind of opinion or comment mah....abuden? how to improve worrr...
Z: Heh! I didn't know you would be able to cook such a good curry!  You know how many times i tried curry in uni years and never even come close to this?? 


That last sentence is enough to put a grin on my oily face.... LOL!

***In case any of you are wondering.....after cooking, of course oily-faced lah....not to mention the hair too! :P

And no, no photo for it....we dug too fast into the time i remembered, it was indecent to snap a photo already.....maybe next time ya.... hehehehe...