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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cleaning Sunday :)

Wow...we have just cleaned the entire downstairs, i covered the grills and windows (all 17 large panels to be exact and i just realized i missed out the 3 at the laundry room!), Z did some gardening and deck-washing, Kyra and Maia did plenty of kepo-ing! :P

Then i vacuumed and mopped the entire living, dining and kitchen....
Hmm...i must say it really feels good to have a neat n clean space to kick back and relax while watching a good something on tv with people that you love most.......that to me, is enough to be considered simple luxuries! :)

It's 5pm, Z wanted to cook TWO packets of Maggie instant noodles but i forbade him and he got upset! LOL! (We have steamboat dinner at God Ma's house at 6pm mahhh!!!! Though i know he doesnt fancy that kind of steamboat but well.......a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do! ie. eat when you are 'supposed' to! ) :P

How upset was he?
Well, he asked me: "If you crave for your fave Margarita, then i serve you Coke, how would u feel?"

ME: Well, I crave for it plenty of times, but I always ended up with not much choice but to enjoy my Earl Grey!????  :D   :D   :D

Anyway, i had a great time house-cleaning today....we should do this more often as a productive family time together...haha...great calories burning workout too!  Oh, as i was wiping the huge glass door, i made some simple calculations: 

I dont use a domestic maid, I do all house chores by myself, I dont have to go to the gym to stay trim (Heck! I wont have the time too), I think I am pretty frugal as a wife huh!  Anyway, frugality is not the main reason I do everything by myself.....I dunno...maybe I got this from Mum...she does EVERYTHING by herself for as long as I could remember.......back then, she even had to wash all our clothes by hand, can you imagine?  She had to clean, wash, cook, handle both me n sis (at the time there were just 2 of us, the other fussy 2 were not available yet! :).  And late grandparents' bungalow was not medium in size, mind you, it was huge!  Nobody really knew appreciated her hard works in that house...but today, I think she's a very lucky not-so-old lady..hehehe.....that's what matters!


ur sista junior said...

omg u called me fussy!!!! aisi!!!!