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Thursday, July 2, 2009

today i fell in love......

with a bag, that is....

How uncommon is that for a woman, any woman to fall head over heels with a handbag, or shoes, rite?  But this love dilemma happened not becoz it's  ANOTHER new bag on the block, new me on the broke!  This bag was handmade by the mother of a multi talented designer (Patty Young) who designed amazingly beauttttiiiiifulllll fabrics used for it!!!  My love story with the doter's fabrics started a few months ago, and almost every time when i sew or make something, you bet i'd be wishing to get my hands on those supernice creations:( (but unfortunately for us, these are not available in our fact, far from it!)

You just know when you have such amazingly beautiful fabrics, not much can go wrong....
unless of course you dress up your curtains, kids, dog, car and yourself with it????!!!! :O

Ok, here they are.....(i love big roomy bags! that's even more WHY!)

GREEN: Amy Butler fabrics, RED: Patty Young fabrics
Both USD59.99 :(