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Thursday, July 2, 2009

let's start with.......FRENCH ONION SOUP?

1st, i forgot to snap pix of it.
2nd, i know you must be wondering "why onion soup" on her 2nd post?*
3rd, like i mentioned, i might have s.t.m.l** anytime, so i just 'record' anything i like and need :P

*coz my XTREME-fussy lil eater loves it! that's why!
**short term memory loss (i cant afford to FORGET to cook something that can make my XFLEater eat 3x faster than her normal rate, can i?)

ok, here it is! (btw, i saw this on Astro 2 days ago, something entitled 'french food at home'?)

- large onions, sliced
- GRUYERE cheese (i dont know what the heck this is, yet! and i dont have it impromptu, so i replaced it with cheddar! i am not a fussy eater anyway, and it adds calcium!)
- butter
- salt & pepper to taste
- white wine (you can opt for Apple Cider Vinegar?)
- flour
- water

1) Melt butter
2) Add sliced onions and fry it till golden
3) Add water (up to you to estimate), flour, wine, salt and pepper, cheese,
and let it simmer!

It's not really that yummy, or maybe coz i actually replaced the white wine and the cheese that caused it, i am not sure, :P so i topped it up with a few EXTRAssssss (more nutrients, and btw, i dont usually cook food that are loaded with calories but low on nutrients, i think it's such a waste of our spare tyre(s)!

So i added these:
* button mushrooms (champignon), sliced
* diced chicken meat
* dried scallop :D doter loves it, that's what matters! :)