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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I can't wait!

for the Elba cake mixer that Z redeemed for me through his treatpoints! Yes, i still do not own one at all, even though cake mixer can be as affordable as RM69 (manual handheld lah of course!).

In my mind, i have something that i have been wanting to try.....fondant! To be more precise, Little M's 2nd birthday cake with fondant! :O I know it's a little far-fetched, especially for someone who has never made fondant before,
but worth a try! Worse comes to worst, it ends up looking as crappy as her mother's handwriting? haha.....

Anyway, the 'other' reason why i had this in mind, is coz you won't be able to find fondant cakes in this lil old city (yeah, i was gonna type 'town' instead!), seems like no bakery in kuching is capable of doing decorative fondant cakes, yet! (But i am sure there are individuals out there who can do it domestically). Plus, it's kinda boring to have the same old same old fresh cream ugly cartoon character birthday cake as per previous years.......

So, this is my future cake mixer:

Elba Stand Mix
er ELB-ESMB9925SS - 300W. 5 speeds.
Turbo control and safety function.
Steel dough hooks and beaters included.
26,000 TP HotSpot (SNHS1153)
HotDeals: 14,000TP + RM70 (HSN0153)

And the best thing is, the black & stainless-steel colours match my entire kitchen's colour scheme to the T! :D

Oh oh oh!!! I just thought of 5 seconds ago.....
instead of trying super hard to make this type of girly girly birthday cake for Little M, i might as well make her POPO into her 2nd birthday cake!!!! What a brilliant idea eh??? :P (Not to mention it is wayyyyyyy easier than the stick thin barbie with boobies!)

And oh oh oh!!!! I can just imagine her excitement, and i can even picture the way she would exclaim happily and say "POPO!!!!!".....haha....ok ok, POPO it shall be! (and her birthday guests would be left wondering what the heck is this 'thing' looking like an alien sausage with chicken pox! :O)

Lidat arh.... that means i gotta practise rolling large format fondant pieces :O (not that easy tho!)
but well, i have 3.5mths to go! *wink*

THE BEAUTY: Barbie princess super beautiful birthday cake.
AND THE BEAST: IKEA Hippo bolster = Little M's lovey that she can't do without!